Organize and Manage your Documents with Xambox

The Xambox is the 1st integrated solution managing hard-copy documents. Spending hours clearing up cluttered spaces with paper is now over. The Xambox arranges, files, stores and locates all your documents even if you haven’t already sorted them!

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1 button to file your papers, 1 click to retrieve them
No need to file!
Stack any paper document in any order in the Xambox and press the button. The Xambox will feed and scan them, and it will analyze the characters to store them both digitally and physically.
Sort and Store your Documents Electronically
Then, to locate a document, simply enter a keyword (content word, title, date...) and the Xambox will display the plain text and the PDF version of the document. It will also indicate where the hard copy is exactly located:

"Your invoice is located in box #2, 7th page past the green divider."
Access Your Hard Copies
Should you need the hard copy, just pick it up from the Xambox tray. When you are done, simply replace it on the top of the stack. There is absolutely no need to file!
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Why Xambox?

As a stand-alone product, the Xambox provides:
  • A search engine for paper documents,
  • An accurate, speedy and practical alternative to traditional filing and sorting,
  • A backup for original paper records,
  • The elimination of hand searching, sorting and cross-referencing.
As an Online product, the Xambox also empowers:
  • Full paper management from any location,
  • A multi-user and multi-Xambox solution.
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